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March 3, 2006
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Alice in Wonderland: 13 of 15 by saprophilous Alice in Wonderland: 13 of 15 by saprophilous
A black-and-white homage to Alice in Wonderland done for my Illustration studio class. I wanted to make a muddled journey -- difficult to navigate and from the perspective relative to Alice. Alice as she is (in identity) is unknown. This was an attempt to focus more upon the psychological journey without strictly refrencing previous images and only the accompanying text by Lewis Carroll. My inspiration came from researching the amazon jungle; a world that crawls with life forms easily overlooked. The python which writhes underwater may seem nothing but a overgrown root until investigated further -- one may not know what they are exactly looking at so that the danger and intrigue is inescapable. The strange camoflage and patterns relect an alien way of life among these animals and plants... my hope was to deliver Alice in a new way with a flair not meant to be strictly disturbing/gothic/ or victorian. I hope you will appreciate it.

The cheshire cat..
actually an illustion of the cat
it is a beetle
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eternalcondor Jul 27, 2008
Ohh, seeing this beautiful deployment of ink is making me want to get into the studio now!!
DiamondANDstarshipS Apr 4, 2007
these are so awesome!
Intriquing. :hmm: You've made quite a though-provoking analysis. I very much appreciate the style and mystery-Alice-themed art is one of my favorties!
I agree this is an amazing illusion. Every image in the series is a gem and together they make quite the masterpiece. This may be my favorite but the Mad Teaparty appeals to me too. Amazing work!
strategically-placed Mar 4, 2006
this is the most disturbingly realistic out of the set. the fact that the beetle is rendered most clearly out of anything thus far is really really disconcerting and i'm left to wonder why the beetle. infact why a beetle at all? your comment was so charming in illustrating its breed <3
WEIRD. And amazing. Sooo very cool! Bugs are so cool looking.
soltian Mar 4, 2006  Professional General Artist
I think out of the set of fifteen, all of which were amazing, I'd have to choose this for a favorite. I especially like how your comment amplifies it, telling us this is actually a's just such a brilliant essence to the picture, and the way it's excecuted is so detailed and strong. I really love the tones in this and how many different textures and patterns you were able to communicate.
This one is NICE. I didn't even need to read the description to know what it was, it's perfectly clear!
mezzoforte Mar 3, 2006  Professional General Artist
these are all cool, but so far, this is my favorite. gorgeous. I just read the description. Very interesting rendition of the character, haha...very cool
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